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“There are millions of desperate children throughout the world. While we cannot care for all of them, we can care for some...”


Through our ministries in Mexico we are providing food for hungry children and full time care for abandoned, orphaned and abused children. Providing hope for those without hope. You can help!


It has been said “children are the hope of the future” but, there are children who are desperately waiting to find the promise of hope... You have the opportunity to help us provide hope for children.


The need is tremendous, but one by one we are making a difference, we are changing children’s lives... Will you help? Will you sponsor a child?


The Children’s Foundation provides financial support for Casa Hogar los Angelitos, a children’s home located in Manzanillo, Mexico and Ministries of Love, a food distribution program for hungry children in Mexico. Through our child sponsor program you can help us provide the daily physical, educational, medical, emotional and spiritual needs of the children.


Who are these children?

All of the children at Casa Hogar Los Angelitos are in our care because of extreme circumstances. Each child has a story and most are heart breaking; victims of abandonment, abuse, severe neglect, extreme poverty and without hope. Your contribution provides the opportunity for these children, in spite of previous conditions, to be able to live life in a new way, children whose lives are changed and who have hope for the future.


Our child sponsor program is $40 per month per child. Through this sponsorship program you will have the opportunity to build a connection with all the children of the Casa Hogar and your specific child through email, cards and visits. Will you consider sponsoring a child? Yes! I am interested in helping to provide hope for abandoned, orphaned or abused child.


Become a child sponsor!         Become an educational sponsor


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