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Welcome to The Children’s Foundation

The unfortunate reality of the world is there are children suffering from unmentionable situations of abuse, neglect, sexual exploitation and poverty. At The Children’s Foundation we are working one child at a time to help children out of these desperate situations.  Founded in 1995, The Children’s Foundation raises money in the United States and Canada to support Casa Hogar Los Angelitos, an orphanage and children’s home in Manzanillo, Mexico.


At Casa Hogar Los Angelitos children are given a safe place to live that offers them an opportunity to feel love and compassion, and change the cycle of poverty through education and self-improvement.  The belief that 

while providing basic needs are important, it is necessary to help develop the whole child guides the program at Casa Hogar Los Angelitos.  Through education, arts, sports faith and other programs, to truly break the cycle of poverty and ensure that children are given the opportunity to change their lives and become productive members of society, we invest in the whole child.


Over the years the hundreds of children have come through the care of Casa Hogar Los Angelitos, and supporters from all across Canada, the United States and Mexico have come together to help change these children’s lives.  We hope you will join us in our mission and take part in truly changing the life of a child.

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